What we do

Civil, commercial and criminal procedural law

This department is composed of a team of lawyers who are experts in the resolution of conflicts of a civil, criminal, or administrative nature, acting before all public institutions, and national and international courts.In civil, commercial and administrative matters, we specialize in:

- All ordinary and verbal procedures, as well as payment and debt collection procedures,

- All appeals, ordinary and extraordinary, before the Provincial Courts, the High Courts of Justice, the Supreme Court, and the Constitutional Court,

- Recognition and enforcement of judicial and arbitration decisions, provisional and precautionary measures

- Administrative and litigious administrative procedures, and

- Claims before the European Court of Human Rights

In criminal matters, we have ample experience in the defense of rights and interests of people and companies, both in the prevention of conflicts and the exercise of actions before the courts, in any and all of the phases of a criminal procedure: from the initial district attorney’s investigation, through the pre-trial proceedings, the actual trial, to any possible ordinary or extraordinary appeals, extradition procedures, arrest warrants, and petitions for pardon.We act in front of all jurisdictions: examining judges, criminal courts, High Courts, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court.

Among other things, we deal with:

- Crimes against property and the socio-economic order,

- Corporate crimes,

- Crimes against the market and the consumers; crimes against intellectual and industrial property,

- Money laundering,

- Crimes against the Administration of Justice (bribery and corruption)

- Crimes against the Public Treasury and against the Social Security; crimes against labor laws,

- Crimes against reputation and privacy.

Corporate law

Our law firm has a lot of experience in the assessment to companies which are active in many different sectors of the economy, from the small business to corporations with international intentions and aspirations. We offer a complete service that covers all milestones in the existence of a company, and that includes their incorporation, investments, mergers and acquisitions, the provision of a corporate compliance for the correct development of operations, restructuring, and insolvency proceedings.

So, we specialize in:

- Procedures on the validity, interpretation and enforcement of civil and commercial contracts; procedures of resolution and rescission of civil and commercial contracts; property, possession, transmission and administration of real estate, 

- Corporate conflicts; actions for responsibility of managers and/or administrators; challenging of decisions and agreements of the Board of Directors, and

- Insolvency law.


Several members of our law firm are fully qualified in more than one legal system, and our lawyers are regularly selected to participate as arbitrators by the Madrid Bar Association. Our know-how in this field is a guarantee of trustworthiness.

German desk / International desk

Our curiosity towards foreign affairs has lead us to always situate us in the epicenter with regards to the meeting of different cultures. At Díaz-Bastien Abogados, we have forged an incredibly solid understanding of other ways of thinking, and of other ways of doing business. We can proudly say we bring to the table a global assessment to correspond with the international needs of a company. That is the reason why in our team we not only speak the languages of our clients, which facilitates an easy and effective communication, but we understand them.

In the case of our German Desk, our services range from the counsel to clients who come from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and other German-speaking communities and wish to count with the support of experts in legal matters in Spain, to counsel to Spanish clients who desire to establish themselves in a German-speaking country. 

We also have permanent offices in Fortaleza (Brazil) and Bangalore (India), from where we render the global assistance that clients with big ideas deserve.

Real estate law

Our clients trust in our undoubted experience to be advised in the large possibilities that this field has to offer. We have worked and currently work on the structure, negotiation, financing and documentation of acquisitions of a multitude of different properties: offices, commercial and industrial spaces, hospital complexes, urban structures and infrastructures, and, of course, private homes.

We represent lessors and lessees in the creation and enforcement of contracts, and we counsel promoters, buyers and sellers in the process of transmission of properties, rights of use, and the development of residential projects. 

From the purchase of a single home to the management of important, multinational real estate portfolios, we provide with a global perspective that will benefit you largely.

Tax and financial law

We provide our clients with an effective and efficient advice on their tax matters, which are as important as they are delicate. We understand that the resolution of such controversies requires, on the one hand, creativity, and, on the other hand, a deep understanding of the tax systems that are fundamental to the particular matter, and of the impact that the consequences of the possible outcomes of such controversies might have on our clients and their operations.

The team is an essential part of the gear of Díaz-Bastien Abogados, and so its members work daily with other departments to enrich their counsel with regards to important transactions.

Regulatory law

We have acquired considerable experience in different sectors that are regulated quite specifically. Financial institutions, energy supplies, pharmaceutical conglomerates, all of them required to comply with very particular sets of rules, turn to us for assistance in the compliance of their legal obligations.